This is my first full game as a GM; my previous experience is limited to a one-off game of Call of Cthulhu.

The campaign is set in New York and revolves around a Band of four newish Scions (none of them have known about their divine heritage for more than a couple of years). The Band is determined to protect humanity against the Titans – and itself – and comprises of:

Brendan Cairbre (scion of Manannan Mac Lir): entrepreneur, part-time bounty hunter and go-to-guy. Dabbles in smuggling on the side.

Benjamin Taka (scion of Susano-o): eco-warrior and political activist.

Marley Hanke (scion of Freya): crusading journalist – crime reporter for the Daily Tribune.

Kendra Frost (scion of Loki): investigative reporter for the Daily Tribune.

Scion: Whom Gods Destroy

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