Scion: Whom Gods Destroy

Irish Brockavich (part 6)

Session 9 - 2nd October (game time: Friday night to Sunday morning)

Friday overnight and the team each share the same dream. The Fates show them images of friends taken or killed, jobs destroyed and warn them that the Mafia will hit back if threatened directly. They can choose this fate or another.

Saturday passes in various social ways as enquires are made, gin drunk and leads followed, but two key things are discovered. Firstly the blood search of the trafficked women is probably to discover a genetic pattern that may be important for some find of fertility. Are the trafficked women being moved on to a babyfarm of some kind? Secondly there is a Baal exebition at one of the local musemns. The characters decide to investigate the musemn individually the next day.

On Sunday the various team members go to the musemn with the Persian god gallery (been there 10 years) and find that it is sponsored by the Medical Foundation that is running the blood tests. Is the foundation owned by the Scion of Baal?

Experience points

Darren – 3

Eleanor – 3

Emma – 3

Julian – 6 (1 extra for completing characters, 1 extra for creating site pages, 1 for weeks write-up)



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