Scion: Whom Gods Destroy

The Rats of Nemean (part 3)/Irish Brockavich (part 1)

Session 4 - 8 May 2014 (Game time: Friday)

Kendra had previously investigated water pollution (through ammonia – around the Hunts Point area of the river, and discovered it was caused by an illegal distilling operation run by the Bratva (Russian Mafia). Currently, Marley is covering the trial of Serge Korolev, who was in charge of the distilling operation, and various others. She gets a call early Friday morning and attends court to find that the trial has been dismissed because of jury intimidation – Korolev, now free to go, winks at her as the defendants are dismissed.

Whilst this is happening, the others are preparing for the showdown with the Rats: Brendan has an early morning delivery from one of his contacts, Tiger – four shotguns with shells. He then checks the shotguns and sorts out head-torches and waders. Ben gets Elliot to run another missing person check; this turns up nothing. And Kendra tries to divert attention away from the storm drains by writing a non-sensational piece about alligators in the sewers.

Marley comes home to post a story about the trial and previously collapsed trials, including a comment style piece about how the justice system needs to address this. The Band then while away the day – Ben goes to his employers, EDI (Environmental Defence Initiative) to help plan the next fundraiser and discuss the next protest point. Brendan browses bookshops in the afternoon looking for books for his occult library, and picks up a book of basic flute lessons for Kendra. He also talks to Irish Joe, who may have a job for him in a few days. He also turns up at the Happy Burrito to find that Aileen is incandescent about the whole thing; she has family who lives in that area who were directly affected by the poisoning. Kendra finishes work early so she can have a nap before going to the fight.

The Band meet at the Shamrock (and sneer at the shamrock motif on top of the Guinness). They then head out to the storm drains and carnage ensues. The rats are completely powerless against the flute, so the heroes are able to just walk up to them with the shotguns and shoot them. Looking around afterwards, Brendan notices something out of the corner of his eye. Chasing after it, the Band realise it is a King Rat – and it’s intent on escaping them. Eventually it eludes them and, coming out a street level, they see it vanish into a pipe at the back of the Burrito.

Marley and Kendra then dump the gear on Brendan (who ends up with all the shotguns) and Ben (who ends up with three sets of waders), before going off to get drunk on Desperado beer. They also incinerate the flute, despite some private qualms on Kendra’s part.

Experience points

Julian4 (basic)

Darren4 (basic)

Emma5 (4 basic, 1 bonus point for conning the boys into having the gear so the girls can go drinking)

Eleanor4 (basic)



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