Scion: Whom Gods Destroy

Irish Brockavich (part 2)

Session 5 - 15 May 2014 (Game time - Saturday)

The fallout of the trial collapse continues to affect the Band and their actions:

Marley continues to dig into Korolev, looking at his previous history for similar incidents, and whether it was the same company. She begins to mind-map Korolev’s activities, checking his court dates and associates to see the scope and scale of the problem, looking at company names and checking for shell companies, and checks EPA reports for similar incidents.

Ben – a de facto but not actual leader in his company – tasks EDI into looking for evidence of a new operation through water sampling. He looks into obtaining photographs and water samples from the original investigation, and checks with the EPA to see if EDI can do anything to assist with reversing the problems caused by the pollution.

Brendan checks his occult library, looking for rat associated deities, and eventually realises they are looking for a Scion of Inari. He also goes to The Happy Burrito for an overview of the regulars and the staff, checking for odd behaviour. Coincidentally this means he gets to see Aileen; he tells her he’ll pick her up for the date at 5.00 and to wear sensible footwear.

Kendra assists with the occult research, checking online resources. She then goes to The Happy Burrito to become better acquainted with Aileen, pumping her for information on the regulars and praising Brendan (in his hearing, much to his embarrassment).

Having gone home to change, Brendan picks Aileen up and takes her to an island nature reserve on South Oyster Bay. He drapes his jacket around her shoulders and they walk, hand in hand, along the beach as he gives her a guided tour of the wildlife, and how much he likes it as a place to escape the city and be calmed down by nature. As the sun sets, they reach the restaurant – a seafood place called The Snow Crab. They have a relaxed evening meal, talking about family, St Patrick Day parades (as that’s coming up), and a brief discussion about The Shamrock and quality irish establishments. Aileen also reveals she likes rock climbing, and she and Bren agree to go to an indoor climbing wall the following week.

Kendra, Marley and Ben gather at the girls’ flat for wine and takeaway.

Experience points

Darren6 (4 basic, 1 extra for pretending to be on a speeder bike on Endor when cycling, 1 extra for environmental work)

Eleanor5 (4 basic, 1 extra for thinking of shell companies)

Emma5 (4 basic, 1 extra for finding Susano-o’s creation myth and making a link to Ben’s green cape)

Julian7 (4 basic, 1 extra for actual maps, 1 extra for finding out about the messenger squirrel in Norse mythology, 1 extra for planned romance)



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