Scion: Whom Gods Destroy

Irish Brockavich (part 3)

Session 6 - 19 June 2014 (Game time: Sunday)

Brendan is out of town on a job for Irish Joe, chasing somebody passing bad cheques, and Marley is deep in her investigation of the shell companies.

Kendra continues to look for myths connected to Inari and to look for his Scion.

Ben goes to EDI to continue looking into Korolev and the pollution incident. He meets with their leader, Greg Waugh Greg Waugh, who tells him there are major projects on the action horizon.

Kendra goes to The Happy Buritto with her laptop, to tidy up her story and make notes on her project ideas. She catches sight of two Scions so goes over to introduce herself. They are Fernando Almadovar, owner of The Happy Burrito and a Scion of Legba, and his lodger, Shino Kinomoto – a Scion of Inari. The three of them sit down together to socialise, and Kendra rings Ben to tell him she’s found the Scion they were looking for.

Ben comes over and Shino, a vegetarian environmental activist, recognises him from his work. The two of them talk and Ben confesses he is frustrated by the lack of action in their current work. Shino says he doesn’t have any leads on the Nemean rats, but feels it’s somebody connected with growth or fertility. He says they have a strange flavour to them – it’s no pantheon he’s ever come across before. (He also explains that the King Rat was spying on the Nemean Rats for him, and it ran away from the Band because it wasn’t sure if they were hostile).

Kendra and Fernando discuss her doing a piece on The Happy Burrito (food, service, history, how Fernando came to own it), so they make an appointment to have a formal interview.

Experience points

Darren4 (basic)

Eleanor0 (unable to attend)

Emma4 (basic)

Julian0 (unable to attend)



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