Scion: Whom Gods Destroy

Irish Brockavich (part 4)

Session 7 - 26 June 2014 (Game time: Sunday continued)

Brendan comes back to town early – he’s found the trail, but it leads out of the jurisdiction. He goes to the storm drains to check for further clues, and finds a modern replica of an amulet showing a Mesopotamian god.

Ben goes off with Shino to show him his boat and discuss causes.

Marley resumes her research and undercovers a restaurant which is rumoured to be involved in money laundering and tangentially connected with Korolev. She talks to her police colleagues about known associates, to give her somebody to pursue and find out where Korolev is. She is particulally interested in tracking him through financial data. She also checks for patterns in his routines, hangouts etc. One of the cops gives her the name of an informant who might be able to provide a lead, Boris Petrov.

Kendra goes to the gym.

Armed with the image, Brendan asks the girls to check for collectors who hold Mesopotamian artifacts. After some basic research, Kendra suggests the Museum of Natural History. There is a search for religious artifacts to find a connection with Baal. He then goes to bookshops to check for books on Mesopotamian/Persian deities and for common authors to find experts. He identifies a couple of experts to check up on.

Marley gets a tip that Boris is in a bar named Pravda, so she and Kendra get dressed up and head over there. Brendan hangs around the bar as back-up, just in case he’s needed. Initially both girls sit with him; Marley offers to buy drinks and, although wary, Boris agrees to a scotch. Kendra feeds him a line about him looking lonely, that she and Marley have been stood up and feel bummed. She asks him about the tattoos on his fingers and he gives her a load of blather, including claiming to be a business manager.

The girls ply him with a vast amount of alcohol, but swap to softs themselves. He and Kendra exchange mobile numbers (Kendra’s is an alternate, rather than her main number); she kisses the napkin she puts the number on. Eventually Boris passes out on the table; the girls check his ID, stealing a clean handkerchief at the same time, and put him in a taxi home.

They give Bren the hanky so he can use it to track Boris if necessary, as they could either blackmail him or just use him for information.

Bren then goes off to report to Irish Joe about what happened with the job; he also searches online for (natural) climbing locations in the local area and for shops to buy equipment ahead of his date with Aileen.

The girls go home to bed.

Experience points

Darren0 (unable to attend)

Eleanor5 (4 basic, 1 for the assistance with Boris)

Emma5 (4 basic, 1 for playing Boris in the bar)

Julian5 (4 basic, 1 for guessing who the Mesopotamian god is straight away)



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