Scion: Whom Gods Destroy

Irish Brockavich (part 5)

Session 8 - 7 August 2014 (game time: Monday - Friday)


Marley continues her background checking and discovers that the Bratva are harvesting girls from various locations across Eastern Europe, Mongolia and China. She unearths blood work which indicates the girls are being tested for a particular thing; the girls are being brought into the US once a month and the test results are sent ahead; because it is a highly specialised test, she does not have the knowledge to understand what they are being tested for. .

Kendra, through some exhaustive Google searching, unearths that the test is for a specific gene marker and that there are only a couple of labs in NYC which runs that test. With further checking Marley discovers that the girls who pass the test are being separated from the others and taken somewhere else before the others arrive at their main destination. The girls are disappearing electronically as well as physically; they are removed from the list of the trafficked girls. The two decide they want the Bratva to disrupt the syphoning but are afraid they might lose the chance to track down the Scion involved in the operation.

The girls update the others; although Ben is out of town he agrees that Elliot could be assistance in finding out more; in order to discover where the girls are going, she attempts to hack the two labs to find out which is running the test but is unable to access either.


Elliot manages to hack one of the labs, but unfortunately it’s not the one running the tests.

Bren puts out feelers amongst his contacts in the fishing and smuggling communities to try and find out where the girls are being landed; Kendra asks amongst her contacts in the homeless community. Marley suggests that they put trackers on the vans transferring the girls, when they find them.

Everybody continues with their normal working days, contacting each other by Skype to discuss the situation; Marley begins her background writing prepping for her story.

Bren and Aileen go on their date to the indoor climbing wall, where Bren turns out to be surprisingly good at it for a complete novice.


Elliot finally gets the results and sends them across to Kendra to analyse; this answers the questions of when the next transport is due to arrive (in about a fortnight) and an approximate location for the IP address receiving the test results. Bren, Kendra and Marley go out to scout around and see if they can find out if it’s where the girls are being held or a cyber cafe which might point to the location. When they find the location, it’s in a relatively nice area of town, and is a cyber cafe.

The Band go to Bren’s flat for tea (Marley discovers she doesn’t like riding on the back of Kendra’s motorbike). Kendra browses his occult book collection and offers him PDFs of the ones she has which he doesn’t. They then visit the cyber cafe in Bren’s car and it is decided that Kendra will work there for the rest of the week, waiting to see if she can spot who is receiving the test results. Typically the clientele are students.


Before starting work, Kendra finds time to visit Maggie, but she is unable to assist.

Marley carries on with her court reporting, as she now has a new case to cover (arson and insurance fraud).

Bren continues his bounty hunting work, having received a tip-off that the mark who had previously eluded him has come back into town, so spends time trailing the cheque fraudster.


Mid-morning Elliot pings Kendra to say that the email with the test results has been dispatched, so the members of the Band who are in town converge on the cyber cafe. Having finally caught his mark, Bren leaves him gaffer taped in his van.

Eventually they see a slightly older man get up and leave; Marley gets a feeling that this is the person they are waiting for. Bren watches him walk away, then tracks him to a subway station; Bren speeds up to see where he’s going and is taken by surprise when the man attacks him with brass knuckles, and then dodges away from Bren’s counter-attack. The two fight, and the man responds with more than human speed. Unfraid to fight dirty, he escapes from Bren’s grasp and vaults over the barrier, disappearing into the station and catching a train just about to leave. He goes into the station to see if he can work out which platform he left from, which he does – at least now he has an idea of which direction the man was headed for (back towards town).

Kendra initiates flirty texts with Boris, as she has managed to take a picture of the man on her phone. Both girls taken him out drinking; once drunk enough, Boris identifies him as Vladimir Litvinenko, Korolev’s cousin. The girls spend the rest of the night drinking with Boris.

Bren delivers his captive to Irish Joe, then heads out to see if he can follow the scent. He cross references it with where the Nemean rat trail led to a nice part of town, and gets a faint hit of the scent but, unable to do any more, heads home for an early night.

Experience points

Darren – 1 (unable to attend but 1 point for creating Elliot)

Eleanor – 5 (1 extra for suggesting the tracking devices)

Emma – 4

Julian – 5 (1 extra for having a timetable of Brendan’s typical day)



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