Scion: Whom Gods Destroy

Irish Brockavich (part 7)

Monday Morning

Benji goes to see Elliot, Lee and Jolene (3 of his eco terrorist crew). From Jolene he gets a set of GPS trackers that can be attached to vehicles so the team can track them.
Benji also reveals that the crew have a ship called The Hawk.

Marley contacts the medical foundation for PR photos of the opening of the gallery at the museum. Photos of the event are returned.

Bren speaks to Tiger of the Green point rangers and asks about Mafia transport i.e. which front companies would provide them with plain vans. Tiger agreed to put the feelers out for a future favour. Bren then contacts Irish Joe and gets some legwork jobs to do to pay his bills.

Kendra meets up with Maggie of the Hobo army to get them on the lookout for Vlad and his movements. Kendra is (not) bothered by Boris hassling her by text.

At the end of Monday then the team meet up to test the GPS trackers and make sure that they all know how to use them.


Kendra interviews the museum curator and pulls a charm offensive. This is basically one big dead end with no useful info coming from the meeting.

Further research on the sponsoring medical foundation however reveals that they have a fertility clinic (and Baal is a fertility god) so the team look further. The boss of the clinic has a Persian name Abed Darvish.
Kendra plans to view the clinic while Marley starts to dig for previous dodgy history (malpractice suits and police files).

Experience points

Darren – 3

Eleanor – 3

Emma – 3

Julian – 3



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