Scion: Whom Gods Destroy

The Rats of Nemean (part 2)

Session 2 - 17 April 2014 (Game time: Wednesday night)

At this point, Kendra and Marley contact the boys to find out what they’re doing. On hearing of their discovery, they get on the subway and make their way over to the boat. The four of them head into the storm drain, and find that it slopes gradually upwards, out of the water and accumulated muck.

Further in they find a human skeleton, one of the missing homeless people, and scrape marks in the filth made by large claws. At a convergence point for several tunnels, they find their quarry – not the giant alligator Kendra has been predicting, but half a dozen Nemean rats.

Engaging the rats in battle, the Band soon find they are completely unprepared, having only come into the storm drains with the handguns they usually carry. They retreat, using Ben’s power over water to wash the rats away from them.

Battered and bloodied, they make their way to The Happy Burrito Concerned by their appearance, Aileen Dexter gives Brendan (the most hurt), warm water and antiseptic ointment so he can doctor himself. Nursing beers, they settle down to watch the band playing The Burrito that night, a swamp rock group called Back to the Bayou. Looking at the lead singer, it gradually dawns on them that he is a fellow Scion.

Experience points

Darren4 (basic)

Eleanor0 (unable to attend)

Emma4 (basic)

Julian4 (basic)



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