Scion: Whom Gods Destroy

The Rats of Nemean (part 1)

Session 1 - 10 April 2014 (Game time: Wednesday daytime)

It’s Spring. Prior to the story beginning, New York has experienced unusually bad weather – hail, bad storms. The storm drains are flooding and reports of rat sightings have risen accordingly.

Midday, midweek: all the PCs are at work. Marley’s in court covering a big trial, Kendra’s at her desk at the Daily Tribune. She gets a tip from Bob on the newsdesk that the homeless population sheltering in the subway station have been alarmed by … something. Coincidentally, court has gone into recess and Marley’s grabbing a coffee. The two meet up and catch the subway to the appropriate station.

Brendan’s in a bar, The Shamrock, tailing a bounty. He’s waiting for Irish Joe to appear so they can corner and apprehend the felon. He gets a call from Benjamin, who’s looking into the rat sightings; whilst trying to fob him off, Brendan’s location is outed by the bar staff greeting somebody with “Top o’ the morning to ya”. Benjamin hops on his bike (in his bright green waterproof) and rides over to the bar, arriving at the same time as Irish Joe. They head out to Brendan’s boat and set off to investigate the storm drains.

At the station, Kendra and Marley interview Maggie, a local homeless woman. She’s frightened to the point of incoherence, and can only mutter about claws, teeth and dark, pitiless eyes. It turns out that two of the other homeless population, Gloria and Jim, are both missing. Kendra gives Maggie a coffee and tells her to take care of herself.

Out on the boat, Brendan and Benjamin pull up to a storm drain, where Benjamin tests the water by drinking it, but only detects dilute rat urine. Catching a glimpse of something white, they investigate further, and find the scattered bones of an alligator. Assembling them on deck as best they can, they find it was 18 foot long – and the bones have been gnawed by something with large teeth …

Experience earned

Darren6 (4 basic, 1 for making storyteller laugh by bulldozering into somebody else’s job, 1 for returning campaign sheet)

Eleanor5 (4 basic, 1 for returning her character sheet just before the next session)

Emma4 (4 basic)

Julian6 (4 basic, 1 for storyteller helper, 1 for returning campaign query sheet)



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