Scion: Whom Gods Destroy

Who Pays the Piper?

Session 3 - 14 April 2014 (Game time: Wednesday night/Thursday)

In The Burrito, Aileen and Brendan are chatting and arranging a first date, to go and see a superhero film the following night, and the others are kicking back. When the set ends, the lead singer of Back to Bayou makes his way over to the table, attracted by the group of Scions.

He introduces himself as Jim Crow; carefully circling around the issue reveals him to be a Scion of Baron Samedi. He comments on the Band’s appearance, and guardedly they tell him about what happened.

Jim thinks he has a solution – a flute which gives control over one variety of any living being at a time – the person playing the flute just needs to concentrate on what they want dominion over. He agrees to tell them where the flute is if the Band will destroy it for him, which he has been charged to do by his Father, who views the flute as an abomination as it takes away free will. It can also be used to control scions, so would be very dangerous if it fell into the wrong hands.

When questioned as to why he hasn’t got the flute himself, Jim says most people believe it to have been lost in medieval Europe and he didn’t want to draw attention to it once he’d found its location; also, he and his Band don’t have the skill sets to retrieve it. It’s held in the private collection of a wealthy human interested in medieval instruments, Alexander Grayling. The collection is held at Grayling’s house, a three-storey brownstone which has sensitive alarms and motion-sensitive cameras. Extra security on the collection itself includes alarmed cases and pressure pads under the artifacts.

Agreeing to take on the job, the heroes buy a CD of the band from Jim and then head back to their homes via Grayling’s house, scoping out any additional security (two patrolling guards – one inside and one outside with a dog). Discreetly they take photographs and head off, debating how to overcome the guards, and are particularly concerned with how to carry out the job without hurting the dog. It is agreed the best way would be to somehow disable the electricity, which would turn off the lights and the alarms, and perhaps tranquilise the dog.

The following day, under the pretext of arranging an interview with Grayling, Marley and Kendra visit the house to check for any surprises. Brendan spends part of the day planning ahead – he has parked his own truck near the Grayling house, but not near enough to rouse suspicion. He’s also stolen a vehicle to use later. He and Aileen go on their date (and it turns out Brendan has no sense of style); as it’s a success, they arrange a second date for Saturday.

The Band meet up afterwards and travel towards Grayling’s house in the stolen vehicle. The rest of the Band get out early and Brendan drives the vehicle into a nearby pylon, cutting off the electricity to a large chunk of the neighbourhood.

Ben and Brendan mingle with the crowd that gathers to discuss what’s happening, which includes both guards and the dog at the front gate; Kendra and Marley sneak in through the back by unlocking the back door. They lock the front door from the inside (just in case), snatch the flute, unlock the front (so as not to prematurely raise suspicion), lock the back door, and exit to join the crowd. (Kendra waivers about using the flute to help others, but Marley helps her keep to her chosen path).

Experience points

Darren5 (4 basic, 1 extra for unwittingly introducing the next plot by asking what the trial is that Marley’s covering)

Eleanor5 (4 basic, 1 extra for guessing the flute belonged to the Pied Piper of Hamlyn)

Emma5 (4 basic, 1 extra for playing her character’s conflict as a Scion of Loki)

Julian5 (4 basic, 1 extra for the stolen vehicle plan)



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