Aileen Dexter

Waitress, The Happy Buritto


Aileen is the youngest of five children in an Irish-American family, the only daughter. Due to her personable nature, she is a popular waitress at The Happy Buritto, a Tex-Mex restaurant and live venue in the City. Much to his surprise, she has taken an interest in Brendan and the two of them have been on a successful date to the cinema (superhero movie, she chose), with a dinner date in the near future (he chose).

Good natured and kind-hearted, she can take care of herself in a scrap (as a result of having four older brothers), and is fierce when roused. She is incensed about the collapse of the recent water pollution trial as it directly affected family living at Hunts Point: her oldest brother Sean, his wife Hope, and their children Imani and Caitlin.

Aileen Dexter

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