Brendan Cairbrie

Irish-American, bounty hunter, smuggler and Scion


Name from Breandan (patron saint of travellers) and Cairbre (charioteer)

Brendan is an Irish American, his parents ran a small farm on the coast north of New York and Brendan grew up without much in the way of book learning but gained lots of practical skills.

To look at he is in his late 20’s, short 5’ 7” and solid of build, with wild black hair that is going prematurely grey in parts and brown eyes. He wears somewhat hick outdoor fashions, woollen shirts, leather jacket, black jeans, work boots.


As a teenager Brendan was drawn to speed, on cars, bikes, water anywhere. He soon grew in with a group of young car thieves and joy riders, learning the ways of breaking the law and travelling without being caught. Brendan discovered his skills were good for moving less than legal goods along the coast and inland without the interruption officialdom. He has an underground notoriety as a smuggler who is sometimes fussy about with whom he works, but if he takes the job, it will be done.

Brendon first met Mannanan Mac Lir when he had to abandon his boat during a police chase in a rough storm; he dived into the water and was dumbfounded to discover an old man swimming beside him. The man could breathe under water and lead Brendan to a place of safety, one of the nature reserves on Nantucket Island.
The man introduced himself as Man Mack and offered Brendan shelter while he recovered.

Brendan stayed there with the old man and worked on the local reserves as he worked, he learnt about his inheritance and of the threats to the nature in the New York area. He was charged to protect the coast from the ravages of the titans and their human and non-human servants. He has since become a respected and regular volunteer worker on several nature reserves and is also involved in resisting corporate building projects that damage the local ecology.

Brendan now splits his time between his legal job as a trainee bounty hunter (working for Irish Joe) he also has a less than legal business as an occasional smuggler and fighting corporate plans that damage the local coastlines, but he always spends at least two weekends each month on the reserves (normally out at Nantucket Island though he also goes to other reserves), looking after the wildlife and repairing the paths, sea defences and fences.

During the week Brendan lives in a flat in the Greenpoint area of Brooklyn. He has access to a plain GM Van, a very smart Ford Mustang car and a tatty looking 30 foot fishing boat, there will often be a junkyard saved fixer upper car in the lockup that gets repaired and moved on. At the weekends he often travels up the coast and lives on the boat. The car, van and any other heavy kit he owns are usually stored in an old lockup.

Brendan has no significant other and will spend his spare time playing football, fixing knackered old cars and watching local bands. He is also building a small library of occult and spiritual knowledge

Brendan has contacts/followers in both the conservation group and a local street gang, these people may look to him for guidance and give him aid/follow his lead, but are not aware of his scion status.

Friends call him Bren.

A Typical Day
6:00 – Wake up
6:20 – 5 mile run and then shower
7:00 – Breakfast, reads the paper
7:30 – Checks e-mails, messages for any work
8:00 – Either go to job or read a book (normally something on how to fix stuff) or occult research
12:00 – Light lunch
13:00 – If not on a job then working on the boat or a car
16:00 – Finish work and relax
18:00 – Evening meal
19:00 – Head out to Shamrock, sports event, cinema, Happy Burito, etc
23:00 – Lights out

Bren’s Flat
Bren’s flat is like a place that is slightly out of time, the wall paper and carpets are out of fashion, a lot of the furniture is several generations old and it includes many book shelves. The electrical items such as the kettle, cooker, toaster, etc are from the 1980’s or before and there is no microwave.
The flat doesn’t have a television and the hi-fi is set-up for radio and vinyl records, (though some CDs are in evidence). Bren’s computer is a 10 year old laptop that is used for e-mail, a bit of basic web use and not a lot else.
Despite or maybe because the flat’s contents are old then they tend to be items of high quality that will last the years without any issues.
It’s not that Bren is afraid of modern technology and his phone is very up to date, he just finds that older stuff is more comfortable to be around and seems ‘right’.

Brendan Cairbrie

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